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Regulation of public Internet-service WHOIS

1.1. Service WHOIS is a source of public information about domain names. This information is accessible to anyone on the Internet via WHOIS protocol or HTTP.

1.2. WHOIS service information may be provided in Ukrainian, Russian and / or English.

1.3. The administrator of any domain is not responsible for the accuracy and actuality of the information provided by the service WHOIS.

1.4. The entry of the domain name displaying by service WHOIS, contains the following fields:

1.4.1. Domain: domain name. Required field, one string.

1.4.2. Admin-c: nic-handle of an administrative contact of the domain.

1.4.3. Tech-c: nic-handle of contact, which technically will support the domain name.

1.4.4. Status: the status of domain name, which can take the following values: OK-UNTIL YYYYMMDDhhmmss - domain name is delegated, the term delegation - until displayed date. HOLD-SINCE YYYYMMDDhhmmss - the domain name delegation is suspended from that date for a period of 30 days. FROZEN-OK-UNTIL YYYYMMDDhhmmss - a domain name is delegated. Adding any changes in the entry of the domain name is blocked by the administration. CANCELLED YYYYMMDDhhmmss - the domain name delegation is terminated from that date. BLOCKED YYYYMMDDhhmmss - the domain name delegation is suspended. Domain name registration is maintained until the expiry of the registration period. After this date, the domain name will be canceled.

1.4.5. Dom-public: category of the domain name. The mark "YES" in this field indicates that the domain is public, the "NO" means that domain is private.

1.4.6. Nserver: the name of the name server that provides the technical availability of the domain name. Required, not less than two but not more than ten lines. In case, if the domain name of the name server includes the name of the domain in which it is used, the entry about such server is displayed additionally. The entry of the name server contains the following fields: Nserver: the name of name server. Required field, one string; IP-addr: IP-address of name server. Required field, one string;

1.4.7. Mnt-by: nic-handle of contact, which maintains the domain name and has the right to make changes about such domain name;

1.4.8. Created: nic-handle of contact, for whose application the domain name was registered;

1.4.9. Changed: nic-handle of contact, which has made last changes to the entry and the date the changes were made.

1.4.10. Source: a symbolic name, a string.

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