Company DіaWest is one of the biggest Ukrainian enterprises specializing in the area of computer technologies. The company was founded in 1994. DіaWest is a business partner of such leading global corporations as Intel, Samsung, LG, HP, Epson, Canon, APC, Lexmark, Microsoft and others. The chain of company's retail stores “Diawest-Computer World” is one of the largest in Ukraine. Today it includes 63 specialized shops in 47 cities of Ukraine. More details about our retail network can be found at the site

Telecommunication Department is IT division of DiaWest. It offers to organizations a complete range of services in information technology (IT) from installing local network and PBX with call tracking system and cost optimization to construction of server rooms, configuration and support of various servers and databases and full IT support all over Ukraine.

The basic principle of our company is "One-stop service". The main advantage of this style of doing business is to maximize the understanding of all components of customer‘s IT sphere and minimizing the possibility of accumulating problems.

If you sign a contract for maintenance our staff will frequently monitor all areas of IT of your business to prevent possible occurrence of an emergency or critical failures that could slow or altogether halt the company's work... We also recommend you sign the contract for maintenance, because this contract includes not only the warranty, but also the scheme of equipment replacement for a period of repair warranty to sustain the office.

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