Engineering Design

Design of engineering systems is one of the most important stages in the process of creating a proper system operation.
DiaWest company designs engineering networks for industry, public buildings or special purposes at the highest level. We apply a comprehensive approach to the design process, so during the design of engineering systems we consider specificity, regulatory requirements and use modern technological solutions.

DiaWest provides comprehensive services for the design of engineering systems in following areas:

Line radios of companies and homes
Alarm systems
Public address systems
Perimeter protection systems
Video surveillance (CCTV)
LAN installation - SCS
Access control systems
Scheduling and control equipment

Our clients can order engineering system individually as well as complete complex of all systems. Our company provides services related to the design of engineering systems of varying complexity and scale.
At your request, we can:
- Make a preliminary design
- Prepare a feasibility study for engineering systems
- Make installation schemes
- Develop equipment specifications

We execute design estimates in full and in accordance with the DSTU, GOST, SNIP, rules, regulations, national standards and technical specifications issued by the operating agencies. We accompany your project in consultation and expertise in the relevant public agencies, in order established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Our company implement projects for external and internal engineering systems, both in the complex, and any single network at stages "Project", "Working documentation" or "Working project". Through the use of the most effective and innovative technologies and innovative solutions in engineering design, our experts provide the highest quality of project implementation, both customers and future users of the building.

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