We offer you the service of outsourcing administration of your office LAN (Local Area Network) and office equipment such as computers, PBXs, telephones, printers and other. Using this service allows you to save considerably on IT staff, since you will not need to keep the system administrator, telephone administrator (not all system administrators are experts in the field of telephony), and to have staff for technical support of users (if you have a large number of computers and technologies). There is no need to have extra costs for providing them with working space (which is often critical in a small offices) and needless for work equipment - computers, furniture, telephones and other. So, if you need technical support of IT professionals but technical support staff does not suit you, by virtue of the above reasons, especially for you, we offer two types of outsourcing administration: 1) coming system administrator 2) system administrator by call.
The specialization of our staff is not limited in system administration. That's why system administrator services also include services in telecommunication systems (telephony, deployment, programming and maintenance of PBX), video surveillance, intercom, voice conference, perimeter protection. So, define some terminology:

The system administrator by callOur experts come to you by the call in due time and you pay for their work on the fact of spent time.

Coming system administratorOur specialists work under the contract with fixed fee per month (depending on number of computers, number of office locations and their geographically distribution and level of tasks) and with fixed number of visits or hours per month. Remote work is also included in the number of hours or visits.

If you want to order the service «Coming system administrator», you should note that we work only with licensed software, so before signing the contract and taking your office for service, we insist on full replacement of your unlicensed software or this will be spelled out in the contract as an additional service.

The service of network installing and deploying by our specialists may be especially actual for new or moving offices. Here we can offer the construction of local network with number of included points you need, as well as creating a complete corporate network with the construction of the server room (if you have a dedicated room) configuration of the necessary equipment (switches, routers), the creation of corporate domain system (software installation on users machines and servers, configuring servers, deployment of the domains). Each of these services can be ordered separately. We also offer services of business telephony and video surveillance deployment, programming and installation of PBXs and system of video capture service.

Standard tariffs for outsourcing administration services
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