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TDM Pseudowire

RAD solutions for TDM include a wide range of gateways for pseudo-wire access, from small devices for customer platforms to the powerful aggregation equipment for the central node and carrier networks.

The family of pseudo-wire gateways TDM IPmux can process the full flow of E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 and E3/T3 directly to the customer's platform, and modular Gmux-2000 is installed at the central node for pseudo-wire traffic aggregation. However, this equipment allows the expansion of channels for packet networks with differentiated services based on VLAN, and use of any access medium: fiber, copper, HFC, microwave and satellite channels.

RAD Pseudo-wire gateways include the latest processor chip that supports all standard methods of pseudo-wire TDM, with a through quality assured QoS and OAM attributes to secure proper services.




IPmux-2L (1\2 E1)

IPmux-4L (2\4 E1)

IPmux-16L (4\8\16 E1)

IPmux-24 (8\16\24 E1)

Optimux-108 (4E1/T1 and Ethernet)
warehouse position

Optimux-134 (16E1/T1 and Ethernet)

Optimux-1032 (16E1/T1 and 1Gb Ethernet)

Optimux-45 (21E1/T1 or 28/T1 T3)


Pseudo-wire gateway TDM RAD supports greater flexibility in the choice of the transition to packet-based transport technologies, since transfers any services and protocols regardless of the medium access. RAD offers the following advantages:
  • You can use existing equipment
  • No need to invest in separate infrastructure for each service
  • Fast and non destructive shift from traditional services to future networks
  • Simplifying the management, operation and maintenance of network
  • More users can be serviced on the same infrastructure

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