Web (Hosting, Domain, Web-Sites)

DiaWest company provides a full range of services in Web development:

  • registration of domain names in any area under its rules;
  • configuration a virtual mail server;
  • provide space for the site (Hosting);
  • drafting the TOR for the site development;
  • create design and installing it on the CMS;
  • development and implementation of additional services not covered by functionallity of the selected CMS.

Diawest company, based on his extensive experience in developing corporate segment sites, provides development and implementation services of any complexity:

We will help you to choose site type you need:
  • Internet - shop
  • Information site
  • Corporate site
  • Portal
  • Web service

We use a wide range of advanced tools.
In our arsenal, you can see:
- Nginx and Apache web servers
- databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
- tools for creation of modern interfaces JQuery, CSS3 and HTML5
- programming language Python and Django web framework

During development, we "conduct an ongoing dialogue with the customer" and this is our main principle of interaction with customers.

Our goal is, using our knowledge and experience, to realize your ideas.
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