Крос городской АТС

None of the modern office can do without communication with the outside world. And the main type of connection is the telephony, not depending on its types: CO lines, mobile communications (GSM), ISDN PRI (E1/T1/J1) flows or IP (SIP/H323). At least, all this should come into your PBX to save staff time, make communication easier within the company and outside it, and for the saving and accounting of costs.

As a partner of such companies as “Ukrtelecom", "Golden Telecom" and "Vega telecom" we are ready to help you make rapid and correct decisions on the selection of the optimum telecom operator for you. We also will help you to connect all your telecom channels into your PBX.

Our company is ready not only to sell you and install a telephone exchange, but also to calculate the most correct for you a set of telecommunications equipment and its configuration. For savings we also provide you with a tool for billing your expenses (billing server) and, if it’s necessary, instruments of auto secretary or recording tool to record conversations from your PBX.

Our specialists are certified on PBXes of following manufacturers: LG-Nortel, Panasonic and Samsung.

We offer to sign contract maintenance for all selling equipment. This contract guarantees the maximum speed for removal of any malfunctions and failures or/and replacement of equipment while it is repairing.


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