10/100/1000T x 24 ports Power-over-Ethernet managed Ethernet Layer 3 standalone switch with 4 combo SFP bays
The 9424T/POE is a Power-over-Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 standalone switch with four SFP bays. It comes in a 1 RU form factor and provides rich QoS and IGMP capabilities for voice and video enabled networks. The 9424T also offers an extensive set of standards-based features to ensure ease of management and integration into existing networks.

Download AT-9424T/POE Datasheet

  • 96 Gbps switch fabric with up to 71.424 Mpps
  • Layer 3 Switching (RIPv2, ECMP, 1024 Static Routes
  • 802.3ad link aggregation protocol (LACP) and port trunking
  • DoS attack protection
  • Secure Shell (SSHv2) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • 802.1w Rapid Convergence Spanning Tree Protocol
  • 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
  • Rate Limiting
  • IEEE Auto-MDIX
  • Port security
  • QoS (802.1p and DSCP Remarking)
  • Management (Web, CLI, SNMP)
  • Temperature Threshold Alert

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