LAN installation

гибридный кабель
Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine at least one modern enterprise which can effectively compete in the market without paying due attention to automate information exchange inside and outside its business structure.

The base for this is the SCS — structured cabling systems.


This concept includes the full range of advanced solutions in the design and construction of computer and telephone networks, as well as solutions for video surveillance, fire safety and perimeter protection. Our company has a decade of experience in creating computer and telephone networks of enterprises. In addition to our own work, we are actively working with our partners in the above decisions. All this makes it possible to demonstrate an integrated approach to solving the problems of improvement and security of your office. All licensing work is carried out exclusively by appropriate professionals licensed to carry out these works. We provide a guarantee for all works up to 25 years. We supply quality passive and active equipment for all local area network we are building. We are able to offer competitive prices on materials and works, because of long experience on this market. Estimated cost of works can be found here:

The cost of SCS construction services
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