Dispatching and equipment management

Any modern building, be it a house, sports facilities, shopping and office center, must contain substantial amount of engineering equipment and its the number is constantly growing. Dispatching system of buildings is the main link in the information management infrastructure of buildings. Introduction of dispatching control and management of residential and industrial buildings allows for the efficient and safe operation of the equipment for all systems.

The standard system of monitoring, control and dispatching consists of control cabinets and the dispatching point. In turn, the control cabinet includes the freely programmable controller, equipped with a DAQ device, which is used to manage and collect data from a certain engineering equipment.

The location and number of control cabinets determined separately for each building, and mostly depends on the layout and the installation of technological equipment. The most successful version of the installation control cabinets is close proximity the engineering equipment.

Automated system for monitoring, control and dispatching (ASMCUD) allows you to combine all the subsystems into a single intelligent system management functions of buildings.

The main purpose of ASMCUD in general and automatic control systems in particular is to ensure the efficiency of all engineering systems, energy saving, prevention and prompt removal of any emergency situations that arise in the operation of the building, the maximum reduction of the consequences of possible damage, reducing the cost of operation and maintenance buildings and structures. Dispatching of engineering systems provides a coherent individual units managed object in order to improve the technical and economic parameters, smooth operation, better capacity utilization.

The advantage of dispatching of engineering systems is the ability to clock monitoring systems of buildings. All information is received in real time and displayed in the form of tables, graphs, voice messages or mnemo-schemes, being able to directly specify a separate device in the system. Implementation of timely control greatly increases the service life of engineering systems, and dispatching of all the parameters reduces energy costs and saves staff time.

DiaWest company introduces the automated control systems, dispatching and management of engineering equipment of residential, office buildings, shopping centers, residential areas and buildings for various purposes.

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