Perimeter security

Perimeter Protection Systems


If you need to protect the perimeter of your property from intrusion, we can offer you the perimeter security system based upon microwave detectors. This type of protection system is reliable, easy to use and maintain. It should be noted that the automated protection systems tend to minimize the human factor, clearly record the time, place and the type of violation. Maintenance procedures are minimized by implementing advanced technology and continuous improvement.

Ability to transfer data signals over the Internet provides remote management and control of the perimeter of the facility, higher centralization of control without reference to the location, the ability to monitor the state of protection system by cellular phone etc. High versatility of equipment allows changing configuration and further development, modification without global changing the system.

The control panel of the system is very flexible and can be customized according to customer's requirements. A system of this type has been installed by our company on “ДП Копос УА”, which has perimeter length of 950 meters.

We are a partner of the Department of State Protection of Ukraine. Therefore, having a wealth of experience in installing and configuring devices of “Spider” protection manufactured by “Інтеграл” with the setting on the remote Spider DSPU via GSM, we can offer you such kind of a security system. This type of system we have implemented, for example, in the Museum of the History of Kyiv city.

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