AXIS | AXIS 212 PTZ Series

AXIS 212 PTZ Series

AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera - full overview and instant zoom - yet no moving parts.

These distinguishing features make a unique combination:
- full overview
- instant pan/tilt/zoom
- no moving parts
- resolution - Sharp and maintained

The AXIS 212 PTZ is no ordinary PTZ. It’s the only PTZ network camera that provides full overview, and instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom - with maintained sharp image resolution. And it’s all done without moving parts, so there’s no wear and tear. In short, it’s a whole new definition of PTZ.

The AXIS 212 PTZ is perfect for indoor surveillance of premises up to 150 m2/1600ft2, such as shops, reception areas, banks, server rooms and other places where you need to see the whole area and have the possibility to zoom in for detailed inspection and monitoring.

We recommend you to consult with our specialists and they will help you to choose the best configuration and provide information about possible discounts.
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