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АТС ipLDK-60 The ability to use ipLDK-60 as PBX extension in corporate networks, which use Internet protocol (IP) or ISDN PRI, and as a PBX with a complete set of features makes this PBX interesting and popular in the Ukrainian market of communication systems.
  • Scalability - from 3 FXO (CO lines)/08 FXS (internal lines) up to 36/48 (internal);
  • Universality – connection of analog and digital phones to hybrid port in any ratio;
  • Additional functions –transfer of number of calling subscriber (CLI) to the analog phone, SMS, caller ID device and CLI to internal lines, automatic operator (AAFB), voice mail (VMIB), management of call duration, an internal source of music on hold;
  • Easy installation - intuitive application PC Admin with help files in Russian (help), remote administration via connection to LAN or through PSTN modem;
  • Digital terminal LDP 7000 series are used in ipLDK-100/300/600;
  • Applications - client application of subscriber of system (ezPhone) and client application of provider of system (ezAttendant) for MS Windows;
  • The ability to integrate into the corporate network PBX;
  • QSIG connection using ISDN PRI or VoIP.
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