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АТС ipLDK-300   ipLDK-300 - PBX with the ability to connect 9 PRI flows into the office with 300 workplaces.

General description of ipLDK-300

The telecommunications system of ipLDK class is new generation of digital telephone exchanges with IP support from LG-NORTEL company. ipLDK-300 is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This is the best option for ensuring/providing high-quality telephone service.
ipLDK series begins the evolution of LG-Nortel telecommunication systems in direction of creating integrated complex infrastructures for voice and data transmission. In this process all customers are interested in protection of investments (maintaining already established earlier telephone systems).

Advantages of ipLDK:

  • Easy update to IP-solutions;
  • New features (integration with mobile phones, Teleworker and Business traveler);
  • The use of data networks as a part of the telephone network (VoIP);
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI);
  • Advanced software with additional advanced capabilities;
  • New multi-function terminals;
  • Affordable prices.

ipLDK can work with:

  • digital system devices series LDP, LKD and KD/E;
  • analog devices of any brand of dial or pulse dialing;
  • fax machines and fax modems;
  • personal computers;
  • IP-telephones of LIP series.

Remote Service Gateway (RSG)

Module Remote Service Gateway (RSG) is a perfect choice if you want to organize a branch or home office! You just need dedicated line for internet access - and full-fledged workplace is ready for remote employee of your company or company representative in another city or another country.
Module RSG is remote gateway, which includes ports for digital phones, faxes, external trunks. BGM port for background melodies - allows you to organize remote workplace connected to the ipLDK. ipLDK-RSG is a remote access point, providing a full-featured ipLDK removal via xDSL broadband or dedicated Internet channel. Broadband connection provides the organization of VoIP-channels for communication. Digital system or other telephone device can be connected to RSG block. There is also possibility to connect a standard analog CO line. Thus, the remote worker has access to all basic PBX functionality, like any other user.
If you need to organize remote workplaces for a lot of employees, it is not a problem to provide excellent connection of each worker with main office. Telephone exchanges are connected via VoIP channels and become like single entity, having a single internal numbering plan, and share access to functions.
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