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АТС Aria-Soho
ARIA SOHO is intended to market(soho) segment, which is not covered by ipLDK system. ARIA SOHO is oriented on companies that require exchanges of small capacity, for customer requests:
- up to 12 FXO (CO lines) ports;
- up to 48 FXS ports.

ARIA SOHO is simple and universal system, as opposed to complex telecommunications systems.


The concept of ARIA SOHO:

  • Focus on small business (soho segment)
  • Cost-effective system
  • Investment protection (modularity, flexibility and expandability)
  • User managed system
  • Maximum functionality: Auto Attendant, DISA, ColorID, conferences, LCR routing support

Plug & Play support
ARIA SOHO is an intelligent communication system designed specifically for small businesses and home offices. This phone system is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Plug & Play feature, hybrid architecture of ARIA SOHO provides maximum flexibility to select subscriber terminals: analog, digital phones, fax. When ARIA SOHO connects to external lines, it detects fax signal and routes the call to the appropriate terminal. This feature is able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and home offices, it is easy to operate and does not require engineering knowledge from users.

Advantages over Panasonic PBXes:
    • System telephones are cheaper;
    • Free program for administration;
    • The presence of a powerful voice mail and auto operator (internal);
    • CallerID is present by default;
The advantages over Siemens PBXes:
    • System telephones are cheaper;
    • The presence of powerful voice mail and auto operator (internal);
    • CallerID availability
    • Less port price for larger configurations
    • Broader functional of call routing
    • Lack of ISDN, DECT, IP support.
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