АТС starex_cs-1000

Digital PBX STAREX series of LG production include functional modern solutions of institutional class for medium and large enterprises.

CS1000 subscribers can use regular analog telephones (up to 992 subscribers) and digital system telephones (up to 352 subscribers of LGP series, up to 480 subscribers of LKD, LDP series, totally up to 744 digital subscribers), as well as interface CS (up to 288 subscribers of 1800 DECT, GAP/CAP). Ability to connect phones from the PBX on distance of 7.5 km allows install telephones over large area of the enterprise.

CS1000 can connect to the city's PBXes through usual two-wire analog lines (up to 544 lines); analog lines of other types (E&M, LD and RD up to 408 lines); digital flows (up to 16 E1/T1 channels and PRI links, up to 272 BRI channels).

The modular design allows configuration flexibility and expandability of the system (up to 3 blocks, up to 10 extension boards in the main unit, up to 12 cards in each additional unit) after the purchase of additional configuration. The total number of urban lines and subscribers cannot exceed 992 ports.

CS1000 provides a complete set of standard user services, as well as all possibilities of ISDN, DECT, ACD and the hotel, VoIP, CTI, VMS. The possibility of QSIG unification multiply the ability of one system with one numeration plan creation by aggregation of several multiple PBXes over ISDN PRI or VoIP.


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