Fiber-optic multiplexer up to 21 channels E1 or 28 channels T1 в T3
RAD’s Optimux-45 and Optimux-45L multiplexers for 21 E1 or 28 T1 over fiber or T3 provides a highly cost-effective and simple solution for transporting multiple E1 and T1 links, as well as a combination of E1 and T1, over a T3 (45 Mbps) or fiber link. This provides an easily configurable solution, flexible enough to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Cross connect capabilities for drop-and insert and ring applications
  • Multiplexes up to 21 E1 or 28 T1 channels on a 45 Mbps data stream or fiber link
  • Simultaneous multiplexing of E1 and T1 channels (according to G.747 standard recommendations)
  • T3 transmission over coax, fiber optic or wireless
  • Range up to 110 km
  • Optional redundant power supply
  • Full management support (SNMP and Telnet) by RADview

Further Information

The Optimux-45 21 E1 or 28 T1 over T3 or fiber multiplexer has internal cross connect capabilities that enables it to support a wide range of applications. When deployed in a ring application, the Optimux-45 provides a complete path protection mechanism that prevents any service failure, even if a fiber link is damaged or disconnected.

Various number of E1/T1 lines
In order to improve the price/performance ratio of the product, partial assemblies with four, eight or 12 ports are available, thus reducing the price significantly in nodes where only a small number of E1/T1 lines are needed.

The Optimux-45 21 E1 or 28 T1 over T3 or fiber multiplexer supports both balanced and unbalanced interfaces:
- Balanced version has RJ-45 connectors and supports up to 28 T1 channels (balanced 100Ω), up to 21 E1 channels (balanced 120Ω) or mixed E1 and T1 channels.
- Unbalanced version has up to 21 mini-BNC connectors and supports up to 21 E1 channels (unbalanced 75Ω)

The Optimux-45L is a low-cost version of the Optimux-45 with Telco connectors as the user interface. The Optimux-45L is optimized for point-to-point or point-to-network applications. This unit provides low-cost connectivity of 21 E1 or 28 T1 lines or any combination of E1 and T1. The product is non-modular and offers redundant power supply, enhancing system reliability. In addition, an optional secondary link provides backup using automatic switchover upon main link failure.

Supports both electrical and optical interfaces
The product’s main link supports both electrical and optical interface options. The electrical interface has BNC connectors in conformance with G.703 standards.

The optical interface supports the following options:
- 850 nm for multimode fiber
- 1310 nm for multimode fiber
- 1310 nm and 1550 nm laser for extended range over single mode fiber
- 1310 nm and 1550 nm long haul single fiber option (WDM)
- Single fiber/wavelength option

To facilitate system diagnostics, the Optimux-45 features LED status indicators as well as AIS alarm generation, recognition and dry contact closure upon link failure. In addition, the Optimux-45 21 E1 or 28 T1 over T3 or fiber multiplexer's setup, control and diagnostics can be performed through a supervisory port using an ASCII terminal, Telnet host, Web terminal, or from an SNMP management station via a dedicated management port (Ethernet or RS-232).

Compliance with standards
Optimux-45 conforms to ITU G.703, G.747, G.823, G.824, G.955, ANSI T1.107, T1.404, RFC 3895 and RFC 3896 standards.

Management capabilities
The Optimux-45 and Optimux-45L feature flexible management capabilities, including local management via an ASCII terminal (RS-232). In addition, remote management can be performed either inband or out-of-band, using the network or user ports, while maintaining separation between management and user traffic via the use of VLANs. Advanced FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security), service provisioning and diagnostic tools are provided by RADview-SC/TDMoIP, RAD’s network management system, via an SNMP-based GUI.

Optimux-45 and Optimux-45L also support a variety of configuration access channels, including Telnet, SNMP, Web server, and TFTP.
The T3 link via an optional clock interface can be locked onto an external station clock.
The product supports various performance statistics on the T3, T1 and E1 lines. The Optimux-45 is a compact 1U-high unit for mounting in a 19-inch rack.

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