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2N® Helios Uni

An intercom for all analogue telephone lines

The 2N® Helios Uni is a door intercom for voice transmission and door operation using an analogue telephone line. The communicator operates on the principle of an analogue telephone and can therefore be integrated into a company’s current telephone system. The door intercom simply has to be connected to an analogue exchange, with no need to change the current infrastructure or buy additional products.

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  • Explanation: Data in brackets express conditions when values are reached
  • Minimum required on-hook line voltage 20V (Hang-up)
  • Minimum required off-hook line current 15 mA (Off-hook)
  • Bandwidth300 to 3500 Hz (20 to 60 mA)

Other Parameters

  • Switch – max. voltage 48 V AC, DC
  • Switch – min., voltage 9 V AC, DC
  • Switch – max. current 2 A AC, DC
  • Backlight – rated voltage 12 V
  • Backlight – max. voltage 14 V
  • Backlight – current consumption max. 5 mA
  • Overvoltage protection – common mode 1000 V (8 / 20)
  • Operational temperature range -25 to + 55 ºC
  • Coverage IP 54
  • Dimensions (1 module) 193x115x39 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight up to 500 g

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