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2N® Helios Safety

Visible Help in a Crisis

You can use the 2N® Helios Safety analogue intercom not only to secure entrances to buildings, but also as a device that can provide two-way communication, in the event of an emergency, using an analogue telephone line. Its distinct orange colour and blue backlit buttons guarantee everyone will be able to find it easily when needed and call for help by simply pressing a button. In addition, it has the highest class of cover in accordance with the IP65 standard and is resistant to water, dust and mechanical damage.

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Basic interconnection

The 2N® Helios Safety analogue door intercom can be easily integrated into an environment with an existing telephone infrastructure. It can be connected to any analogue exchange, GSM gateway or directly to a landline (PSTN).
The 2N® Helios Safety intercom comes with one integrated switch to control the door lock, for instance, while an extra switch may also be added to control other devices. An integrated amplifier comes as standard, as well as the option of connecting a tamper switch on the existing security exchange.
A voice menu is provided for simple programming, which will guide you through setting parameters directly from your phone without the need to be on site or the need to use a PC.

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