Market | LDK-60 BKSU - Basic KSU: 3xCO, 1xDT, 7xHT, 1 extension slot.
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LDK-60 BKSU - Basic KSU. 3xCO, 1xDT, 7xHT, 1 extension slot.

KSU Exterior and Dimension


Frame Ground Connection

It is very important that the frame of the ipLDK-60 System is grounded:
1. Turn the grounding screw counter clockwise to loosen, as shown in Figure
2. Insert the grounding wire and tighten the screw.
3. Then connect the grounding wire to an appropriate ground source (refer to Caution).


1. The equipment should be connected to a socket-outlet with a protective ground connection.
2. For ground wire, green-and-yellow insulation is required and the cross-sectional area of the conductor must be more than UL 1015 AWG#18 (1.0mm). It is recommended that the ground wire is shorter than 1m (3.28ft). We do not provide the ground wire.
3. Proper grounding is very important to protect the ipLDK-60 from external noise and to reduce the risk of electrocution in the event of lightning strike.
4. Be sure to comply with applicable local regulations.

External Backup Battery Installation

In case of power failure, the external backup batteries automatically maintain uninterrupted power for the ipLDK-60 System. The external batteries must provide 24V DC; this is generally accomplished by connecting two 12V batteries in a series arrangement as shown:
The cable used to connect the battery is supplied with the KSU.

Battery operation is controlled by the PSU. The PSU will provide charging current to the batteries during normal AC power operation at a maximum of about 200mA. PSU battery operation will be halted if the AC power is re-connected or if the battery voltage is too low to maintain full-system operation.

The external batteries can maintain System operation as needed depending on several elements such as battery charge status, condition and capacity of the batteries, and System configuration (number of Station ports).

1. It is recommended to use an external backup battery fuse (5A @250V) between the battery and the System.
2. Recommended battery capacity is 24V/20AH MF; the ipLDK-60 System should be able to operate more than 3 hours with batteries that are in good condition.
3. Carefully check the battery polarity with cable colors (Red and Blue) when connecting the battery to the System.
4. Make sure that you do not short out the external batteries and cables.
5. There is a danger of explosion if external batteries are incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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