Internet | Prices for leased lines
The advantages of high speed internet over leased lines (besides its high speed) are free telephone and fixed monthly fee. Monthly fee does not depend on downloaded traffic and time spent on the Internet.

The following prices do not include the connection (500 UAH) and are approximate, in each case, depending on your location and distance from our technical platforms. We’ll seek the most economically acceptable tariff and will inform you in the case of possibility for lowering the monthly fee.

If you do not need synchronous data channel, we can help you to find a cheaper connection, such as OGO from company Ukrtelecom (our business partner), and we’ll help to connect it as fast as it’s possible.

Special offer!
Special tariff plans for Internet connection
in Syrets district of Kiev:
UA-X / WORLD / Price
2048 Кbit / s / 2048 Кbit / s / 550 UAH
2048 Кbit / s / 1024 Кbit / s / 400 UAH
The number of connections is limited!

Access speed,
Included traffic, Gb Fee per month,
2 Mbit/s /0.5 Mbit/s Unlimited 250
5 Mbit/s /1 Mbit/s Unlimited 350
10 Mbit/s /2 Mbit/s Unlimited 500
25 Mbit/s /4 Mbit/s Unlimited 1,000
60 Mbit/s /6 Mbit/s Unlimited 2,000
100 Mbit/s /10 Mbit/s Unlimited 3,000

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