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Eaton E Series NV

Eaton E Series NV

The E Series NV line interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) from Eaton provides affordable power protection for your personal computer and peripherals. While packed with valuable features such as modem protection and plentiful power receptacles, the compact size is ideal for limited office and home working spaces.


  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes fluctuating power sources
  • Microprocessor control design ensures high reliability
  • Up to six receptacles, allowing easy equipment connection
  • Start-on-battery provides portable power capability
  • WINPOWER software monitors power conditions and gracefully shuts down computer applications prior to battery depletion

Technical Specifications

   Product Snapshot
   Power Rating    400-2000 VA
   Voltage    230 V
   Frequency    50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)
   Configuration    Mini Tower
   Product Series   Eaton

UPS Models
  Model   Type    Description   Power Rating
   ENV400H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV400 400 VA, 5 min. at 100% load    400 / 240    C14    (4) C13
   ENV600H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV600 600 VA, 5 min. at 100% load    600 / 360    C14    (3) C13
   ENV800H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV800 800 VA, 5 min. at 100% load    800 / 480    C14    (3) C13
   ENV1000H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV1000 1000 Va, 5 min. at 100% load    1000 / 600    C14    (6) C13
   ENV1400H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV1400 1400 VA, 4 min. at 100% load    1400 / 840    C14    (6) C13
   ENV2000H   line-interactive   Eaton ENV2000 2000 VA, 4 min. at 100% load    2000 / 1200    C14    (6) C13

Additional Equipment
  Model   Type   Description
  116750224-001   Options   EMP (Environmental Monitoring Probe) for ConnectUPS Web/SNMP adapters
  1009010   Options   Power cable 16А (SCHUKO->IEC320C19/16A). Powerware
  2000390   Options   Power cable 10А (IEC320C13/10A->IEC320C14/10A)
  1010081   Options   PDU (Power Distribution Unit) IEC320/10A Male -> 3xSCHUKO FeMale. Powerware
  1010082   Options   PDU (Power Distribution Unit) IEC320/16A Male -> 3xSCHUKO FeMale. Powerware

We recommend you to consult with our specialists and they will help you to choose the best configuration and provide information about possible discounts.
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