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Eaton 5SC UPS provides line-interactive, affordable and reliable protection for small business servers. Complementing our range of industry leading UPSs, the 5SC includes an LCD interface for real-time status and measurements, and provides sinewave output for compatibility with today’s most sensitive IT equipment.


  • LCD interface clearly shows key information
  • Sinewave output for compatibility with today’s small business servers
  • Compact design for easy integration even with space constraints (kiosks, cash machines, ticket machines etc.) and up to eight outlets for better flexibility
  • Reliable, long-lasting UPS with patented ABM technology that increases battery service life by up to 50%
  • Serial and USB ports are HID compliant for automatic integration into major OS (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Eaton Intelligent Power software® delivered as standard is compatible with all major operating systems

Technical Specifications

   Product Snapshot
   Power Rating    500-1500 VA
   Voltage    230 V
   Frequency    50/60 Hz
   Configuration    Tower

UPS Models
  Part Number   Description   Power
  5SC500i   Eaton 5SC 500 VA    500 / 350    C14   (6) C13
  5SC750i   Eaton 5SC 750 VA    750 / 525    C14   (6) C13
  5SC1000i   Eaton 5SC 1000 VA    1000 / 700    C14   (8) C13
  5SC1500i   Eaton 5SC 1500 VA    1500 / 1050    C14   (8) C13

We recommend you to consult with our specialists and they will help you to choose the best configuration and provide information about possible discounts.
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