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AXIS M30 Series

AXIS M30 Network Camera Series - affordable, fixed mini domes with HDTV performance.
- affordably priced
- compact, vandal- and dust-resistant design
- wide angle and 360°/180° panoramic views
- HDTV video quality
- easy, flexible installation on wall or ceiling
- edge storage

AXIS M30 Series addresses the market’s need for affordably priced, highly discreet and easy-to-install indoor fixed domes with HDTV performance and 360°/180° panoramic views. They are ideal for retail stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices with tight budgets for video surveillance.
Providing superb video quality, AXIS M30 cameras range from the palm-sized AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V with HDTV performance, to the wide-angle AXIS M3006-V with 3-megapixel resolution, and AXIS M3007-P/-PV, 5-megapixel fixed domes that provide a 360° view when ceiling mounted or 180° view when wall mounted.
AXIS M30 cameras are vandal- and dust-resistant except for AXIS M3007-P, and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. AXIS M3007-P is instead even more discreet with its smoke-detector look. AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V and AXIS M3006-V cameras have a 3-axis camera angle adjustment for flexible installation. The three cameras also support Axis’ Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams that maximize coverage of areas such as corridors, hallways or aisles. All AXIS M30 cameras come focused at delivery.
The cameras support AXIS Camera Application Platform for intelligent video applications such as people counting. AXIS M3006-V and AXIS M3007-P/PV have substantial capacity for video analytics.
AXIS M30 cameras offer a convenient video management solution with their built-in microSDHC memory card slot for edge storage and support for software such as the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion.
Simplifying installation, AXIS M30 cameras come with a 2 m (6.6 ft.) network cable and are powered using Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).
AXIS M3011 and AXIS M3014 are also available for recessed mounting in drop ceilings.

Network camera model features


  Indoor vandal-resistant   AXIS

  Max video resolution   1280x800   1920x1080   2048x1536   2592x1944   640x480   1280x800
  Fixed focal lens, angle of view   80°   118°   134°   187°      
  Horizontal angle of view               66°   80°
  Min illumination (color)   1.5 lux   1.5 lux   0.6 lux   0.6 lux   1 lux   1 lux
  Megapixel sensor/HDTV   1 MP/
  HDTV 720p
  2 MP/
  HDTV 1080p
  3 MP/
  HDTV 1080p
  5 MP      1 MP/720p
  Mounting   Wall or ceiling   Wall or ceiling   Wall or ceiling   Wall or ceiling   Recessed
  Corridor format   +   +   +         
  Memory card slot   +   +   +   +      
  Power over Ethernet   +   +   +   +   +   +
  Hosted video compatible   +   +   +   +   +   +
  AXIS Camera Companion   +   +   +   +      +

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